Cloudy Skies: Will Ireland be an important hub
for global aviation disputes? (Updated on 19 March 2021)

4 February, 2021

Ireland’s long established position in the global aviation industry has led to many global aviation finance structures involving Irish based lessors and Irish special purpose vehicles. While the governing law for financial arrangements between financiers and aircraft lessors is generally English or New York law, Irish law often governs the suite of security documents.   […]

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The Norwegian Examinership and what it entails for the company’s creditors (Originally published on 15 December 2020)

22 February, 2021

On Monday, 7 December, the Irish High Court affirmed the appointment of an examiner, Kieran Wallace of KPMG, to a number of companies in the Norwegian Air Group  (“Norwegian”) as well as the Oslo based parent company of the group, Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA (“NAS”).  The appointment of the examiner will provide Norwegian with critical protection from its […]

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New Look Examinership Provides Guidance for Retailers Facing an Uncertain Future

21 October, 2020

As the economy continues to struggle with the ongoing impact of covid-19, the retail sector will likely come under further significant pressure. In this context, many companies will seek the Court’s protection from creditors through an examinership process to ensure survival and long term viability. On 14 October 2020, Mr Justice McDonald handed down a […]

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Corporate Insolvency – Non-Statutory Restructuring Tools

2 April, 2020

There are also a number of other non-statutory restructuring tools which were commonly used in a financial or economic crisis and these should be explored in the first instance. This is particularly the case in circumstances where one of the key drivers of any cash flow crisis is the company’s ability to service leverage (debt) […]

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Corporate Insolvency Regime in Ireland

26 March, 2020

The Covid-19 crisis has seen Directors of Irish incorporated companies turn their attention to the corporate insolvency regime in Ireland as they grapple with the economic effects of the crisis and consider their options in circumstances where their businesses may no longer be economically viable. Introduction The purpose of this summary is to give a […]

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