Scheme of Arrangements

9 July, 2020

The Scheme of Arrangement process is a very powerful tool that can be used by companies to restructure their debts and provides a cheaper alternative to examinership. It can also be used by companies to reorganise their group structure. Scheme of Arrangement – what is it? A Scheme of Arrangement is a procedure under Chapter […]

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Going Concern Considerations

2 July, 2020 Author: John Darby

Presumption of carrying on business as a Going Concern Paragraph 11 of Schedule 3 of the Companies Act 2014 (the “Act”) provides that the amounts to be included in the financial statements of a company are to be determined in accordance with accounting principles set out in Paragraphs 12 to 17 of Schedule 3 of […]

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Introduction to Practical Completion

5 June, 2020

What is practical completion? Practical completion is vitally important in construction projects. It is a landmark in works which represents handing over of possession of a site and the transfer of insurance liability from the contractor to owner. Further, when practical completion is achieved, this often triggers the release of retention monies and any other […]

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Contracts and Litigation, post Covid-19, a new dawn?

4 June, 2020

Yards of column inches and numerous journals have been devoted to coverage of this pandemic and the correlating restrictions which are having a serious effect on the ability of many businesses to perform their contractual obligations. Such obligations can be for the delivery or receipt of goods or services ordered prior to the Covid 19 […]

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Looking forward – Preparing for the inevitable

21 April, 2020

During these stressful and uncertain times, the one thing all businesses have in common is a sense of insecurity about the future. “When will restrictions be lifted?” “When will we re-open?” “Can our business survive? “Even if it survives lockdown, we struggled to pay insurance premiums prior to Covid-19, what will they look like in […]

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