We are conscious of the need to maintain the highest possible standards in all areas of business. To achieve these standards we need top quality people throughout the entire firm. We choose progressive and commercially-minded people who thrive in an innovative and fast paced professional workplace and we welcome applications from qualified lawyers throughout the year for all of our practice areas as well as from aspiring lawyers interested in our FE1 graduate programme.

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Current Vacancies


Shauna Mulry
Pre-Trainee Solicitor

From the very beginning, you are introduced to work which constantly challenges you. Everyone is treated as an essential player in the team and your work, no matter how small, is always appreciated. Trainees are involved in all matters, with all clients, from the outset.

The responsibility allows you the opportunity to develop your research, drafting and file management skills. The work is high level in what is very much a fast-paced environment, which allows you to benefit from what I have found to be a continuous practical learning experience. All trainees and interns in the firm are equally as ambitious and supportive providing for a very enjoyable and collegiate work environment.

Diann Cannon

At FOD, all voices are heard, from summer intern to partner, giving trainee solicitors, such as myself, a unique opportunity to have a lasting input on the continued success of one of Ireland's fastest growing law firms.

Education is central to FOD's Traineeship Programme with weekly education sessions dealing with a wide variety of practical topics encountered by trainees throughout the training period. What is even more effective in terms of trainee education is the "on-the job" training whereby trainees attend meetings with clients, complete first drafts of transaction documents and consistently interact with the solicitor, associate or partner on the file.

Cian O'Leary

Flynn O’Driscoll LLP provides a challenging and fast paced working environment. I practice in exciting areas of the law and I have had the opportunity to specialise, whilst developing client relationships, from an early stage.

The firm supports my continued development through various work place initiatives and adopts an ‘open door’ policy, which promotes a sense of partnership and teamwork across the firm.

James Duggan
Managing Partner

The environment in Flynn O’Driscoll LLP is one in which those who display an aptitude and work hard will succeed. The firm is constantly evolving and improving itself and there is a culture which encourages all staff to put their stamp on this evolution and, in so doing, to shape their own future and the direction of the firm.

As a Partner in the firm my role encompasses a broad spectrum of responsibilities from developing new business to, more importantly, seeing it through to completion and managing client relationships, as well as responsibility for certain aspects of the day to day management of the firm.

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